Saturday March 9

Neurologic Biomarkers in Intensive Care

07:30-08:00 Registration and Breakfast
08:00-08:05 Introduction of keynote
08:05-08:35 Keynote 2: Defining endophenotypes in traumatic brain injury
Ramon Diaz Arrastia, University of Pennsylvania 

Session 5 - Biomarkers for Detection and Diagnosis

08:35-09:05 Serologic markers of traumatic brain injury
Andreas Jeromin, Quanterix Corporation
09:05-09:35 Significance of ictal-interictal-injury continuum abnormalities in critically ill patients
Michael Westover, MGH/Harvard
09:35-10:05 Advanced imaging in acute ischemic stroke
Richard Leigh, NIH/NINDS
10:05-10:35 Next generation sequencing in meningoencephalitis
Carlos Pardo, JHU
10:35-10:55 Break

Session 6 - Biomarkers for Treatment Selection


Selection of stroke patients for reperfusion therapy
Jeff Saver, UCLA

11:25-11:55 Multimodality monitoring (BOOST trial)
Lori Shutter, UPMC 
11:55-12:25 Individualized blood pressure management in TBI (COGITATE trial)
Ari Ercole, Cambridge
12:25-12:55 Immunophenotypes in autoimmune encephalitis
Josep Dalmau, Barcelona
12:55-13:55 Lunch

Session 7 - Biomarkers of Neurological Crisis


Predicting postoperative cognitive dysfunction
Edward Marcantonio, Harvard University

14:25-14:55 Predicting delirium with neurophysiology and neuroimaging
Arjen Slooter, UMC Utrecht

Delayed cerebral ischemia in aneurysmal SAH
Sherry Chou, UPMC


Neurologic worsening in intracerebral hemorrhage
Wendy Ziai, JHU

15:55-16:15 Break

Session 8 - Biomarkers for Recovery Prediction


Biomarkers of motor recovery after ischemic stroke
John Krakauer, JHU


Cognitive and functional recovery after hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
Robert D. Stevens, JHU


Recovery from subarachnoid hemorrhage
Jan Claassen, Columbia University

   Closing Remarks


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